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Setting up your AirTrack Nordic gymnastics mat

August 02, 2018 1 min read

Setting up your AirTrack Nordic gymnastics mat

Following these guidelines, you can set up your new AirTrack Nordic mat fast and with ease!

  • Prepare a clean, flat surface for the AirTrack.
  • Take the AirTrack out of the bag and make sure to unroll it completely
  • Attach the adapter to the hose. Connect the hose to the air pump and lock in place.
  • Insert the adapter into to the open AirTrack valve and twist to lock in place
  • Turn on pump to inflate until Airtrack is fully inflated. Check if the pressure is correct by testing the mat with your hands
  • Turn off the pump and disconnect the hose. The pin inside the valve should still be out and no air should be leaking
  • Twist the valve cap in place
  • Your AirTrack Nordic mat is now ready for use!